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Deciding whether or not to invest your hard earned coin in a copywriter is a big step.

Learning who I am and what I can do for you is a great way to start.

But you also need to know how we’re going to work together.


Here’s how we’ll get it done.

Step 1: Set the scope

Prospective clients are often focused on one big thing – how much is it going to cost? But before I can give you a detailed project proposal, I need to know who you are and what you need. So I’ll ask you:

  • What does your business do? Eg. Floor sanding, dog training, underwater basket weaving
  • What precisely do you need? Eg. Website copy – About and home pages, fortnightly blog posts, case studies, press release
  • What’s your deadline?

I’ll then email you a written proposal. It’ll include all the important stuff like scope of works, approximate timelines, inclusions, exclusions, Terms and Conditions and, most importantly, what it’ll all cost. That way, we all know where we stand, right from the get go.

Step 2: Deposit/payment

For jobs over $500, I charge a 50% deposit up front. For jobs under $500, the entire fee is payable before work gets underway. I prefer payment directly into my bank account, but if you’d like to pay by credit card, PayPal is the go.

(Please note I do charge an additional 2.5% for PayPal payments, in order to cover those pesky administration fees)

Step 3 – The nitty gritty - aka my brief

To do a job you’ll rave about, I need to know all about your business and your customers/clients. So I’ll ask you:

  • What’s so special about what you do – i.e. what are the benefits of your service?
  • What makes you different/better than similar service providers?
  • What’s your brand personality?
  • Who’s your target audience? What do they need and want?
  • Why should they trust you?
  • What’s your call to action – i.e. what do you want your visitors to do next?
  • Does your content need to be optimised for SEO?

Step 4 – Work begins

I’ll put my head down and tail up and will complete your first drafts by our agreed deadlines.  If you’re creating a brand new site, I’d love to see your wireframes before I start writing. This helps me get a feel for the structure and tone of your website, and assists with formatting.

Step 5 – Reviews, revisions and rewrites

I’ll send your first drafts via email. All content is supplied in Word format, although I can work in Google docs if you’re a Mac user.

It’s your job to review the copy, giving me clear, honest and direct feedback about what’s right, what’s wrong, and what’s bloody fabulous. You have 5 business days to respond – any longer and our mutually agreed deadlines will be put at risk.

Once I have your feedback, I’ll complete your second drafts. This is your last chance to request changes, so speak now or forever hold your peace – we’re almost at the finish line.

Step 6 – Final draft, invoice and payment

This is it – your copy is done! I’ll send through your final draft, along with my final invoice which is payable within 7 days.

Step 7 – Hang on, there’s one last thing

As a business owner yourself, you know how much a glowing testimonial and/or referral can boost your business. So before you skip off into the sunset, I’ll ask you for two things: feedback on what it was like to work with me, and a testimonial I can use on my website.

Freaking out about what to write? These testimonials should provide some inspiration.

And that’s it – the next move is yours

Get in touch to request a project proposal or to have your (remaining) burning questions answered. I’m ready when you are.

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