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My Brisbane copywriter services

Shauna Maguire Brisbane copywriter services

Don’t want copy that’s full of fluff and built on empty promises?


I didn’t think so.

You want copy that’s smarter – and more subtle – than that.


You want copy that:

  • Identifies the benefits of your service or offering
  • Highlights how and why you do things differently (and why it matters so much)
  • Conveys your capability, authority and personality
  • Is easy to read, understand and absorb
  • Compels readers to take action

I get it.

Here’s how I can help you get that kind of copy.

Website Copywriting

Turn visitors into repeat visitors, and customers into repeat customers. Get tailored, carefully crafted, beautifully simple website copy that informs, educates and drives people to action.

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Blog Copywriting

Boost your SEO, connect and engage with your audience, and create some serious authority on the interweb. Best of all, you can leave the actual writing part to me.

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Press Releases

Have some news you want to share with the world? A press release is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to get it out there. I can help you cut the fluff and send an informative, authoritative message to the people who need to know what you’re up to (even if they don’t know they need to know it yet).

Case Studies

Case studies are one of the best ways to prove to potential clients how you deliver on your promises. Proof positive of your capability, they show your readers how you understood and approached your customers’ needs, what you delivered, and the amazing outcomes it produced.

Brochure Copy

Too many business owners confuse features with benefits. So focused on talking about what they do, they forget to explain what really matters – how their service produces more. More money, more time, more happiness, more success. That’s what people want to hear, and what compels them to act. Back it up with real life examples and you’re golden.

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